Property Management  

NBK provides services covering the full spectrum of property management. Our trained, experienced, and certified staff brings to the table professionalism and invaluable industry knowledge.

Leasing and Renting

Vacancies are a cancer to Income Property! Therefore, minimizing vacancies is our first priority. We will analyze the causes of the problem and implement corrective actions immediately. Then, advertising, screening, selecting, and renting will be accomplished effectively and efficiently.


Rents will be collected timely and late fee charges will be enforced. As part of our rent collection procedure we will monitor repairs and charge tenants who are causing unwarranted damage.

Vendor Payments

We maintain a large vendor file of licensed, insured, reliable and competent professionals. Over the years, we have developed positive relationships ensuring prompt response to our service needs with maintenance done correctly the first time. Vendors, knowing that they receive timely payments for all jobs completed and approved, provide outstanding service. However, we will always investigate and approve any recommendations made by owners to use their existing qualified vendors.

Securing Bids

For all maintenance, repair and improvement work exceeding an agreed upon dollar limit, we obtain bids to be approved by property owners.


In addition to the duties of on-site management personnel, our property management team makes routine inspections of your property ensuring that it achieves its full attractiveness and potential.

Pride in Your Investment

In addition to maintaining and improving the worth of your investment our aim is to provide you the owner with a current income stream. This is why we have a program of preventive maintenance and timely improvements assuring the attraction and retention of quality tenants, who are financially capable of paying the rents, respecting the property they occupy, and thus keeping your property at its highest value.

Reports and Financial Information

We provide monthly operating statements, which include statements of income and expenses, cash flows, balance sheets, and detailed tenants and vendor information to every owner or person of their choosing. An informed owner makes for a wise investor and it is our goal to achieve both.

Owner Bank Account

We can maintain separate bank accounts for each owner eliminating the problem of commingled funds, which often occurs with trust fund property managers. As an owner you may choose your bank of preference.

Fee Structure

Management - We charge a flat percentage management fee based only upon rents actually collected as your property manager. The percentage depends upon location, size and type of property.
Leasing - Upon advance agreement, leasing fees if applicable, are paid on a flat percentage after obtaining a qualified tenant, and receiving an installment of prepaid rent and security deposit for your leased property.

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